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Top Essential Accessories for the Fourth

Top Essential Accessories for the Fourth

Aug 9th 2022

Parades, concerts, festivities, exploding fireworks in the sky, and even barbecues—these are some of our favorite ways to celebrate “America the Beautiful.”

Red, white, and blue found on the American flag are proudly displayed and worn by every fellow American, celebrating the 4th of July. No matter how you celebrate, make sure you have the essential accessories to enjoy Independence Day to the fullest.

From a range of styles, colors, and different kinds of accessories, Jacob Alexander curated the 4th of July Collection for you to choose from. Spruce up your outfits for the big celebration.

Here are our top favorite essential accessories to get you ready for the occasion. That’s not all, get 20% Off on all accessories sitewide with our limited-time Fourth of July Sale event from July 1, 2022 to July 5, 2022.

1. Jerry Garcia Ties

There’s no doubt that Jerry Garcia men's ties are meant to add flair to your outfit. With its bold print designs, it will definitely pop when you wear them with your plain basic shirts. Perfect for the occasion for The Fourth of July, bold red, blue, & white colors of our best Jerry Garcia ties will make a statement on your festivities.

2. Woven American Flags Ties & Bow Ties

We’ve designed accessories that really embody patriotism for our country. Featuring the American flag, intricately woven onto our finely crafted ties and bow ties. Why not an American flag bow tie or an American flag tie to add a special touch to the occasion?

3. Proud American Themed Socks

Your outfit will never be complete without proudly wearing these American socks. With your good taste in fashion, wearing a 4th of July necktie already at the top, paired with any choice of our good American Socks, you are going to nail your entire outfit. Show them you’re proud when you wear and walk with these iconic designed socks for the occasion.

4. Patriotic American Flag Tie Bars, Tie Tacks, & Cufflinks

If you have the keen eye for style, an outfit without these essential accessories is going to be eye sore. Fashion goers would want to spruce up their outfits with our selection of American patriotic tie bars to keep your necktie in place. How about adding some patriotic cufflinks to compliment your suit for the occasion? Don’t forget the cherry on top when you endow your suit with an American flag tie tack.

5. Classic American Flag Ties

Here’s an easier option. No need to compromise your outfit’s style on the Fourth. Choose from our different American flag ties. A classic, timeless, and a unique piece of artwork that never goes out of style.

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