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The Magical  Winter Collection of 2022

The Magical Winter Collection of 2022

Dec 16th 2022

Season Trends by JA:

Winter Collection 2022


Winter accessories collection to make you look cool this chilly winter is here. While we’re busy crafting our fine pieces in our workshops, we put our eyes into the details of our accessories for this season’s picks, so you can focus more on feeling great with how cool you look.

Jacob Alexander’s eye for fashion features a set of accessories that evokes a comfy, sharp, and magical eye-catching vibe that would compliment your outfits. The set also hints subtle glamor and a chic note that expresses a stylish & refined character for the chilly winter.

Gaze your eyes into Jacob Alexander’s 2022 Winter Collection and sprinkle some magic into your outfits with our exclusive fine pieces. Here are five coolest accessories for this winter.

Men's Polka Dot Y-Back Suspenders Braces Convertible Leather Ends and Clips - Navy

Strap on some unique style for your outfits. High-quality and with an elegant navy blue color, this classy polka dot pair of suspenders is a game changer for the winter season. Look sharp and clean with this accessory or even give it as a gift for the Holidays.
Knits give a vibe of warmth. As the winter season gets cold, what better way to look stylish and emanating that cozy feeling of this magical solid navy blue knitted tie. It gets even better as this knitted tie versatilely blends with all occasions, so you can keep it and wear it anytime during the year.

Men's Solid Color Knitted 2.5 inch Width Slim Neck Tie - Navy Blue

      Polka Dot Print Men's Slim 2.75" Polka Dotted Tie - SilverRadiate that magical silver polka dot tie. The color silver works wonders to white, off-white, and cream outfits. Look like a star of the night with this accessory for your outfit.
Here’s to a classy & preppy look with a touch of snowflakes. This snowflake designed banded bowtie puts on winter style in a strap (pun intended.) Stand out with this magical blue accessory that’s easy & convenient to put on.

       Men's Winter Snowflakes Pre-Tied Banded Bow Tie - Dark Blue

      Men's Christmas Vintage Snowflakes Polka Dots Pattern Crew Novelty Socks - White

Ready to walk in winter wonderland in style? Combining style and functionality, your outfit will look chic with these snowflake designed socks and keep your feet warm at the same time. This is perfect too for giving gifts for the Holidays