Our men's seersucker striped suspenders in pink are the perfect accessory. Expands to 48 inches in length. Straps are approximately 1.3 inches wide. The Y-back meets at a leather joiner patch in back; colors were chosen to complement the fabric color. The suspenders fasten to your trousers with a clip connection or with leather ends for a button-on attachment, giving them a more polished look. There is a leather drop-clip feature; a leather trimming between the fabric and the clip which adds a beautiful element to the suspender as well as an important functionality - keeping the fabric at full width without the appearance of squeezing when it connects to the clips. The clips and adjustable sliders are made of high-quality hardware finished in a color contrasting finish of silver - to complement the color of the fabric. Straps made of 100% cotton. It's the perfect choice for any casual event outdoors or indoors. Looks great on men of all ages and works as a matching father and son tie, appropriate summer wedding attire (for guests or groomsmen!), and for a fancy day touring the Vineyard.


Seersucker Striped Suspenders - Pink

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