This is a solid canary color boy's sized Zipper Neck Tie with a medium satin microfiber finish. The tie measures 2.25 inches wide and 11 inches long. The tie is tied already and features an adjustable sliding zipper. To open, hold the knot firmly in one hand and pull the loop open. Slip it on, and hold the tail end as you slide the knot up into place. Takes seconds to put on and makes a perfect knot every time! Well made with a soft but durable lining to give it a nice body and weight. Boy's size ties really depend on the height of the child. Generally, this tie will fit ages 2-5. For the best fit, measure from the boy's neck to the belt line. Perfect accessory for Weddings, Parties, Church, School, business or casual wear!


Kid's Solid 11 inch Zipper Tie - Canary

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