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The Iconic Colors for 2023

The Iconic Colors for 2023

Dec 29th 2022

Color Theory by JA:

Color Trends of 2023

As the annual color of the year is selected by Pantone, make way for a bold pinkish red—Viva Magenta!

Viva Magenta is a vivid and daring color that's not for the faint of heart. This vibrant shade was crafted with inspiration from the red cochineal, one of the most valued dyes prized for its vibrancy and boldness.

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Jacob Alexander takes the lead with creating premium quality that matches your style. Our research and design process for formulating the colors of 2023 were curated by our color experts and aesthetic pros. This upcoming year focuses on projecting one's creativity and self-expression and we’re here just to do that for you.

With the 2023 color of year in place, it sets a bold tone for the year to come. Here we’ve chosen the iconic colors for you to radiate positivity without being too flashy that you can work with your wardrobe.


Jacob Alexander puts peach as a must-have hue for 2023. Peach is a mid-tone warm color. Not too light or dark, not overly moody or sweet, it brings a sense of calmness and warmth that connects us with our surroundings. It is minimalistic yet captivating all at once.

Combining it with white is an ideal way to level out its intensity. Peach is the ideal warm blush beige shade, enhancing cooler tones when paired together and serving as an invaluable neutral in any wardrobe collection.


Hunter Green

People are now turning to green as the go-to neutral instead of the traditionally popular white tones. Jacob Alexander's points to a majestic hunter green, a deep and inviting forest hue that pays homage to nature.

Reminiscent of nature's beauty and abundance, think lush forests and mossy terrains. This shade of green can balance both warm or cool accents of your outfit choice.


Marking a distinct difference from the often icier tones of the previous color trend years, Jacob Alexander's choice is champagne, an inviting creamy-white that pairs effortlessly with any look.

It exudes sophistication and elegance in its soft perfection. With its white base, this color easily blends with an assortment of tints from neutrals and earthy colors to pastels, creating a pleasant look that is sure to charm anyone. Pair this with white to brighten up any outdoor ensemble for an appeal that will inspire creativity and focus




Teal is a luxurious color that fuses striking blue and delicate green tones together to create an eye-catching hue. This mesmerizing shade has the ability to evoke tranquility with its calming blend of blue while also promoting balance due to the emerald undertones, making it ideal for creating a peaceful vibe.

By combining these two powerful hues, you get an ultra-rich and stylish tone that can be used in any occasion. Whether you prefer modern or vintage fashion, this accessory is sure to complement your look.

Dusty Rose

Get ready to be awed with a mix of natural pigments. Jacob Alexander delivers a beautiful dusty rose hue. This stunning hue is created by combining two beautiful colors; brown and burgundy to create a dream-like rosy pink.

Not just eye-catching but also versatile, this shade works both as a grounding neutral or even more delicately as an accent in your wardrobe. Instantly bring a comforting look to your wardrobe without being overly sweet by adding this warm and cozy hue—it's sure to delight the eyes.




A blend of aqua and marine tones, cornflower blue brings peace and serenity to the chaos we’ve been in, in our minds! Very likely associated with sustainability and lightness Definitely, a color to incorporate for beachy vibes for your outfits.

Jacob Alexander demonstrates how we can take inspiration from the sky, reflected in the hue of cornflower blue—a soft and powdery shade. Not only does this color palette evoke feelings of wellness and sustainability. When combined with shades of grey, it creates a stunning and harmonious juxtaposition that makes for an amazing combination.


Get ready to inject some life into your outfits with one of Jacob Alexander's color picks for 2023, a vibrant and captivating shade of red-orange known as coral.

Coral is sure to energize any room and add an exciting splash of vibrancy that will make you feel anything but timid. It is a bright, cheerful hue that's bursting with confidence and personality. Use it to give your wardrobe an energetic pop of color.