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Seersucker Bowties & Ties

Seersucker Bowties & Ties

Sep 27th 2021

We love Seersucker ties and bowties because they are casual, vintage, fun, cool and have a great texture.

Seersucker is sometimes called 'railroad stripe', and harkens back to a time of simplicity and timeless charm.

We love seersucker for it's ability to build a casual, on-trend and personalized look.

Read on for more seersucker style ideas!


Seersucker comes in a range of natural tones that compliment casual looks.

We love a seersucker bowtie with suspenders! This timeless look is approachable and easy to wear.


Seersucker is made of cotton, giving it a soft feel and relaxed, comfortable look.

We also love to see Seersucker paired with a newsboy hat and a pair of loafers!

Wear this look to a backyard BBQ, or build on it to create your groom look (shop our Vintage Wedding Style Guide for more).


Suspenders are a go-to accessory for building a vintage look.

Our Seersucker suspenders are comfortable and can be clipped to your trousers two different ways.

Pair this with your favorite Seersucker bowtie, hop on a vintage beach cruiser and go for a ride!

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