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A Glimpse of 2023 Weddings

A Glimpse of 2023 Weddings

Dec 29th 2022

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2023 Weddings

Sneak peek!

Ready to take a glimpse of 2023 weddings?

Jacob Alexander specializes in making color palettes and combinations to make your wedding as memorable, timeless, & stylish as ever. We made sure our lineup is set on track for 2023. Look no more—with our in house elegant & modern pieces, we’ll save you more time and even value for money. Check out our curated wedding collection ready to hit the stage for 2023.

Rust & Terracotta

Gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years, rust is perfect for a country theme wedding. Rich and elegant, you can imagine the venue at a farm, vineyard, and grassland. Put that up with yellow warm light in the ambience using candles, torches, sparklers, or warm light bulbs. Our rust neckties & rust bowties will surely stand out in the meadow from afar.

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Stunning all year round, you can’t escape the greenery in weddings. Borrowing classic themes from nature, sage green is simple, modest & calming. Our sage green neckties & sage green bowties are great for garden or rustic themed weddings. Refresh your 2023 wedding with a tender and delicate touch of sage green.

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Sage Green

Men's Woven Subtle Mini Squares Self-Tie Bow Tie - Sage GreenMen's Woven Subtle Mini Squares Slim Neck Tie - Sage Green

Jewel Tones

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Silk Blend Solid Pre-Tied Bow Tie - Navy Blue

Timeless elegance and simple glamor, jewel tones add that natural brilliance to your wedding. We’ve highlighted navy, violet, burgundy, and teal on this special pick for 2023 weddings. Let the colors catch everyone’s eyes and be the stars of the night.

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Men's Tone on Tone Corded Slim Neck Tie - Burgundy Men's Tone on Tone Corded Pre-Tied Bow Tie - Burgundy

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Men's Woven Subtle Mini Squares Adjustable Pre-Tied Banded Bow Tie - Teal

< Teal Collection

Here’s a modern take for 2023 weddings. Infusing black and copper only means a bold, sophisticated and elegant overall look. The black necktie is no doubt a classic. Add a touch of gold neckties and you have a refined look.

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Black & Gold

Silk Blend Solid Pre-Tied Bow Tie - Royal Gold

Dusty Rose & Bridal Pink

A stunning staple and a popular choice, dusty rose and bridal pink continue to be a trend as we predicted. These vintage haute colors give a soft feel to the eyes, making the whole intimate gathering look more romantic. Our two floral colors have a warm and comfortable vibe that blends well at any venue, making it a versatile choice.

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Bring a dreamy and whimsical look to your wedding—or how about soothing & relaxing for a beach wedding? With their light & soft tones, they make everything look bright and comfortable. From vintage to modern, elegant to rustic weddings, our sky blue & cream accessories never looked this serene together.

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Sky Blue & Cream